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Sasumata is considered as an innovation from an old weapon. Its main purpose is to protect the user and those that are under attack. This weapon is also known as a man catcher because it is the closest description that [Read More...]


Sodegarami is known as a sleeve entangler and is part of the tools used by Japanese police to capture attackers and suspects. It was said that this implement was used during the Edo period by Samurai police in particular. This [Read More...]

Yari Spear

Japanese Yari is 72 inches long and constructed from high carbon steel. The blade is full tang and is so sharp. A bamboo pin secures the Samurai Yari blade into the shaft. The shaft in itself is made of wood [Read More...]


Naginata falls under the classification of a Japanese sword. There are three classes of individuals in the Japanese society that used this weapon and these include the following: • Samurai Class of Feudal Japan • Sohei or Warrior Monks • [Read More...]