The Broadsword was known as a common medieval blade that was utilized in various battles around the early medieval era; it was still highly popular and used even until the later medieval period.

It is a double-edged weapon that was specifically created for cutting instead of slicing or stabbing, but with adequate skills and strength, the broadsword allowed the user to easily cut off the head and limbs of his victims.

Although it was a very efficient weapon, it still had some disadvantages since it required a lot of skill to actually master how to utilize the sword.

During the modern times, the name can also be used to refer to the arming sword which is a single-handed cruciform sword that appeared during the High Middle Ages. Broadswords were favored and considered most popular during the Elizabethan period of England.

Origin of the Broadsword

The blade was utilized around the early medieval period during the sixth until the sixteenth century; these weapons preserved the original design and style as a double-edged weapon which was known as an excellent weapon for slashing and cutting.

Special versions of the broadsword were introduced right after the fourteenth century and were first referred to as the claymore sword.

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The next blades that followed were the basket-hilted blade and the saber sword that appeared following the medieval period during the nineteenth century.

Sword Characteristics

Due to the fact that the broadsword was considered as a melee weapon measuring about thirty to forty-five inches in length, it was mainly utilized during close combat battles since it was light and easy to control and maneuver even with just a single hand.

The broadsword featured a double-edged blade that had a width of about two to three inches at the base, eventually tapering to a point. Based on the needs and requirements of the wielder, the sword could range from about thirty to forty-five inches in length that has an average weight of about three to five pounds.

The primary use of this weapon was to slice and slash an opponent, and if the soldier or knight wielding this weapon was adequately trained to execute deadly attacks, they could easily cut off the limbs, and even the heads of their enemies with just a single swipe.

Knights who utilized the much longer type of broadsword were highly skilled and trained from an early age and were given the opportunity to wear the right armor which provided them with adequate protection and adaptability. On horseback, these soldiers could readily take on about five to ten soldiers at a time with ease.

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Types of Broadsword

The broadsword was never utilized in the past to characterize just a single kind of sword in history, it was generally a description for a collection of swords that allowed historians to put numerous blades with similar characteristics under the same division as the broadswords; under this category, the basket-hilted sword, claymore, and the saber were also considered as weapons under the classification of the broadsword.

The Scottish Claymore Sword

This is a type of broadsword that was utilized during the fifteenth to the seventeenth century in Scotland and was commonly wielded by Scottish warriors called the Highlanders.

The Basket-hilted Sword

This is another version of the broadsword that provides a protective basket along the sword’s hilt to better protect the wielder’s hand. This term was originally utilized during the years 1600 to 1800, referring to these weapons just like the Scottish basket-hilted claymore.

The Saber Sword

The saber sword first appeared during the middle-modern era of the medieval period, and this specific type of sword had various versions; some of these include the double-edged, single-edged, straight, and the curved sword. All of these mentioned swords feature the same sharpened and pointed tip.

Chinese Broadsword

In Asia, there were various types of broadswords and one was the Dao or Chinese broadsword; these are known as single-edged Chinese blades that were mainly used for chopping and slicing, primarily used for slashing and chopping.

The most common and popular form of this weapon was the Chinese saber; however, the Chinese sabers that featured wider blades were sometimes referred to as the Chinese broadsword instead.

The blades of the Chinese broadsword were moderately arched and single-edged, though there were times when a couple of inches of the weapon’s back edge were sharpened. Having a moderate arch allowed the weapon to be efficient during thrusting motions which were also necessary during battles.

For the weapon’s hilts, these were usually canted, curving in the opposite angle as the blade improved handling in a couple of thrusts and cuts.

A cord is commonly wrapped over the wooden handle and its hilts may also be pierced just like that of the Jian sword (a straight-bladed Chinese sword); this was necessary for the addition of lanyards although the more contemporary swords that were utilized for performances usually feature scarves or tassels instead.


The guard of the Chinese broadsword was usually shaped liked a disc and featured a cup shape to prevent rainwater from entering the sheath; this also helped prevent blood from dripping down the handle, which made the weapon more challenging to grip.

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