Bastard Sword

Bastard Sword

Bastard Sword

The Bastard Sword, or sometimes called the longsword or the hand and a half swords during the later periods, were weapons that usually had a narrow and more tapered blade.

It became a highly popular weapon because of its extended reach, as well as its thrusting and cutting abilities; because of these attributes, the bastard sword was mostly utilized by the medieval knights.

Most of the armor, horses, and the weapons of a knight were very costly, so if one would compute the total worth of a single knight, he would be worth ten ordinary warriors or soldiers.

The Bastard Sword in Battle

In battles during the Medieval Period, the bastard sword was considered as some of the most excellent weapons available since these were lighter and easier to wield compared to the single-handed swords these weapons were mostly heavier and did not provide adequate gripping.

Yet when it came to the bastard sword, it allowed the wielder to use the weapon with one or two hands while also providing outstanding grip; furthermore, the sword’s flexibility also made it a very good blade to utilize since it offered the user excellent reach, great power, and adequate control.

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The sword also featured a long tapering blade that was very much efficient for thrusting actions, lancing out the weapon towards the enemy which allowed the wielder to easily switch between utilizing the bastard sword blade and its handle as offensive weapons.

When it came to the medieval knights, the bastard sword was among their most favored weapon due to its lightness, flexibility, and effectiveness in battles; also, it was also very useful for these warriors since they could utilize the weapon as a single or double-handed piece depending on how much power they needed for the battle.

The Bastard Sword

The bastard sword was known by the medieval people as the big sword or the long sword since the name bastard sword had not been created to depict this kind of sword, and only until after the end of the medieval period did they utilize this name to describe the weapon.

Historical terms that did not have an ubiquitous consensus of definitions were utilized to describe blades that had a similar appearance but with differing fabrication of technology and historical periods; usually, these weapons were characterized by their shape or size that are relative to other irrelevant weapons.

During the modern period, a number of bastard sword for sale can be found in numerous online weapon shops so any collector, enthusiast, or those practitioners of the art of wielding the sword can readily purchase these for their requisites and needs.

The Bastard Sword

Origin of the Bastard Sword

When taking a look back in history, it will be difficult to see the term bastard sword being used to describe this weapon, yet it is said that the blade has originated from France and England during the medieval period. The word bastard sword comes from the French Epee Batarde and it was utilized to refer to the long sword or the hand and a half sword.

Its blade may have the same length as the single-handed blade but its grip and tang were adequate enough to allow the wielder to hold it with two hands; this would provide more power and leverage when executing attacks.

The versatility and flexibility of the sword’s design prevented the blade from being classified as either a double or single-handed sword that was utilized on the battlefield.

Sword Characteristics

The sword is mostly compared to the longsword due to its extended grip that is adequate enough to allow the user to wield this with two hands.

This kind of sword features slightly longer blades yet are still light enough to be carried with a single hand, unlike the great sword that always requires the user to carry it with both hands.

When it comes to the hilt of the bastard sword, it mainly consists of a pommel, cross guard, and a grip while its long hilt measures around ten to fifteen inches in length its length being a characteristic that easily distinguishes it from other kinds of medieval swords.

Furthermore, the sword also has a thin and long blade that is tapered to a point, plus it also has a double-edged blade that weighs around five to eight pounds, while its length usually measures around forty to forty-eight inches.

This weapon can also be described as a slicing, cutting, and thrusting weapon that is able to easily slice off an enemy’s limb’s in just a single stroke; the bastard sword was utilized for close range battles and due to its length, it provided the wielder great advantage when used for thrusting and cutting actions.

Since the sword had a fairly thin and lengthy blade that was tapered to a point at the handle or hilt, it also allowed the wielder to have a better grip with two hands to be able to wield the weapon comfortably while having the choice to wield it with a single hand as well.

Bastard Sword


The longsword which is also written as the long-sword or long sword was a kind of European blade that was depicted by having a cruciform-like hilt along with a grip that accommodates double-handed use.

It measured around six to eleven inches and also featured a straight double-edged blade that was around thirty-three to forty-three inches in length.

It was mostly utilized during the years 1350 to 1550 of the late Medieval and Renaissance periods; plus, this longsword was also referred to as the known bastard sword.

Bastard Sword for Sale

A lot of modern-day practitioners are more fond of high-quality reproductions of medieval swords which is why there are numerous pieces of the bastard sword for sale in numerous online and non-online weapon shops. The replica bastard sword for sale can be categorized into two different types and these include the decorative and fully functional pieces.

The bastard sword for sale that is fully functional will allow the user to go through various sessions of form and cutting practice, whereas the decorative blades are made primarily to adorn one’s home or include to a person’s growing collection of medieval swords.

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