App Update – Samurai Swords Store 2.0

Discover the New Sword Customization System — More Powerful Than Ever

Can you sense it?
The winds of transformation are blowing.
We have some thrilling news to share — exciting changes and novel features that will resonate with every samurai spirit amongst us.
Firstly, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support over the years. Without you, our dream to keep the samurai culture vibrant would remain just that — a dream.
What is a blacksmith, after all, if not for the samurai wielding his sword?
Our announcement today pertains to the culmination of our relentless efforts in creating a sleeker, more robust, and agile app for customizing your own sword.
Amakuni secluded himself in his forge until he crafted the perfect sword…
Like him, we’ve dedicated countless hours over several months to bring you something truly spectacular. It’s time to unveil the fruit of our labor.
Prepare yourselves – the next phase of your journey begins now…
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Watch The Video below to See What is New

9 New Swords For Customization

Get ready for battle with your favorite Japanese sword. Now you will have 9 new swords that you can customize completely in 3D directly from the application and receive it at your doorstep!

Now, in addition to the Katana sword, you can also customize in real time:


The Traditional and iconic Katana sword, known as the weapon of choice of the Samurai warrior,


A smaller, faster sword ideal for fleeting and precise strikes — the katana’s best friend.


A short-sword made for fleeting, unstoppable attacks in close quarters.


A straight-bladed ninja sword, used by the shinobi of Feudal Japan.


The monstrous sword with a blade so large that its mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of its opponents.


A balanced sword, with a handle almost as long as its blade – unbeatable in skilled hands.

Shirasaya Katana:

All the elegance of the Shirasaya mount with the perfect katana blade – available in curved and straight versions.

Shirasaya Wakizashi:

The sleek shirasaya mount combined with the convenient blade of a wakizashi- available in curved and straight versions.

Shirasaya Tanto:

A combination of the discretion of the Shirasaya with the portability of the Tanto to create a tactical short sword- available in curved and straight versions.

Tamahagane Steel: the ‘Jewel Steel’

The legendary steel used by the greatest samurai in the past, now at your fingertips and available for customization in full 3D.

Tamahagane is one of the rarest steels in the world: it can only be obtained with a certain type of material and through a complex process.

Its particular luster has even made it known as ‘Jewel Steel’.

It is the same steel used by elite samurai in the past for their swords – from Musashi to Masamune.

Strong, hard, and fast.

When you hold a Tamahagane sword, you hold a piece of samurai history.

Real-Time Customization with Instant Loading

Thanks to the hard work of the entire development team, it’s now real. You can now customize your own sword in full quality with no waiting time!

Our samurais have optimized the software to eliminate all waiting times.

No more loading screens!

No more models that take a long time to appear!

Now customizing your own sword is easier, faster and more fun than ever.

New Features: Kiriha Zukuri & Double Bo-Hi

Two new features come to the APP to really create the sword of your dreams.

Kiriha Zukuri Kissaki:

Now you can choose the tip you want for your sword, either the classic curved shape or the Kiriha Zukuri style pointed tip.

The Kiriha Zukuri tip is as elegant as it is menacing — it will give your sword an incredible look and slightly better performance when performing thrusts.

Double Bo-Hi:

In addition to the single bohi (also known as blood groove), Now you can also add a double Bo-Hi  to the blade of your sword.

The double Bo-Hi is a bit of a different construction, which further helps reduce the weight of the sword, allowing lightning-fast moves, while increasing balance for more precise strikes.

The Bo-Hi helps the sword emits a particular sound when cutting through the air – which acts as feedback to let you know when you are using it well.

Custom Size for All Swords

The next level in sword customization is here.

Drag the blade length bar to modify the size of your sword — choose the perfect length according to your needs.

Thanks to the new, faster interface, you can now also visualize the length customization in real time to see the proportion of the sword on a 2d model.

*Please note that it will only support 2D customization of size and it will not reflect on the 3D model, but it is enough to give you a sense of sizing proprtions.

New Environments

Step into the realms that resonate with the spirit of the Samurai, the ideal environments to craft your sword.
Embark on a journey through the timeless beauty of feudal Japan with not one, but three distinct settings, each offering a unique ambiance to enhance your sword customization experience.

Japanese Garden:

Immerse yourself in a serene and refreshing Japanese Garden. This environment is steeped in tranquility, radiating the sublime beauty of the Samurai era. Amidst the soothing rustle of Sakura trees and the resonating echo of a distant waterfall, craft your Samurai sword and become one with nature.


Step into the hallowed grounds of a traditional Dojo, the training place of many a great Samurai. Feel the legacy of the legendary warriors echo around the wooden walls and straw tatami mats. As you customize your sword, soak in the essence of discipline, honor, and strength that define the Samurai spirit.

Decorated Room:

Experience the grandeur of a Decorated Room, showcasing the intricate artistry of Samurai era interiors. Surrounded by beautifully adorned folding screens, elegant art pieces, and the soft flicker of paper lanterns, allow your creativity to flourish as you customize your ideal Samurai sword.
Each environment is designed to welcome you warmly, igniting your imagination as you create your unique piece of Samurai history. Dive in and forge your legacy now!

New Feature:

3D Render Gallery and Customization Recipes

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new addition to our digital arsenal – a dedicated website featuring lifelike 3D renders of our various sword models.
Each blade, from the iconic Katana to the swift Wakizashi and the tactical Tanto, is brought to life with painstaking attention to detail, providing you a truly immersive viewing experience.
Whether you’re a seasoned Samurai enthusiast or a budding sword collector, this new platform allows you to explore the aesthetic and structural details of our swords like never before.
Explore The New Site
You can rotate, zoom, and scrutinize each model from every angle, appreciating the intricate craftsmanship that goes into creating these blades.
And the excitement doesn’t stop there!
If you find a model that captures your heart, you have two options:
Ready to Purchase: If you’re captivated by a sword exactly as it is, you can quickly and easily purchase it directly from the website. No need to wait, your perfect blade is just a click away.
Customize with Recipe: For those who want to add a personal touch, each 3D render is accompanied by a customization ‘recipe’. This recipe details the specific elements used in crafting that particular model. Import this recipe into the Samurai Swords Store App, where you can tweak and modify these elements to your liking, crafting a blade that is uniquely yours.
Our aim is to put the power of sword customization right at your fingertips, and with these 3D renders and customization recipes, you are the master of your own Samurai legacy.
Dive in and start crafting today!