1045 Steel

1045 Steel

1045 Steel – 1045 Steel Composition

One of the most commonly used materials in the world when it comes to decorative blades and swords is 1045 steel. This simply means the steel is plain carbon steel with 0.45% carbon content.

Carbon content does not mean anything if the blade is not heat treated properly. Normally this steel is heat-treated. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying cold finished steel products is which among these blades are good for the purpose for which it was intended to be bought.

The glaring differences lie in the chemical makeup and mechanical properties of these steel. 1045-Carbon Steel contains the following chemical makeup:

  • Iron content is from 98.51 to 98.98%
  • Carbon content is 0.45%
  • Manganese content- from 0.60 to 0.90%
  • Phosphorus is 0.04%
  • Sulfur is 0.05%

Mechanical Properties of 1045 Steel

  • Tensile strength- 91,000 psi
  • Yield strength- 77,000 psi
  • Elongation in 2 inches- 12%
  • Reduction in Area- 35%
  • Brinell Hardness- 179

In Our Shop the most basic steel used is 1060 Carbon steel, we do not offer 1045 carbon steel blades.

1060 Carbon Steel

Real-Life Applications of 1045 Steel

Since 1045 Steel has tensile strength and is relatively easy to weld. 1045 Katana are usually inexpensive to produce which is why it cost less than other carbon steel swords.

Experts agree though that since this steel falls under the ideal range for durable and sharp swords it is usually a good choice for buyers who are looking for a decorative piece only and it’s better if compared to the other forms of stainless steel.

1060 is harder than this steel though. 1045 steel is mostly used in gears, axles, bolts, studs, shafts and machine parts.

1045 Steel

Uses for Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a combination of carbon and iron. Depending on the amount of carbon content in the alloy this steel falls under four grades which include: low, medium, high and ultra-high carbon steel.

These classifications have different uses across various industries that need heavy-duty metal material. Carbon steel is strong enough to use in manufacturing aircraft.

It can be used to build fences and gates. It also has applications in the field of ship making and automobile parts. For the purpose of this article, it is explained for its use in creating blades for knives and swords.

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